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My name's Taylor. I'm a college student, singer, pianist, composer, friend, dancer, actress, fun-seeker, optimist, Jew.

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Handmade crowns by Elemental Child.

as i scrolled i was just hoping omg hoping PLEASE HAVE A LINK WHERE I CAN BUY THIS AND YOU DO

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This is a rough recording of a new song I just wrote. This has been the month from hell, for nearly everyone in my life. But we are strong, and we will rise from the ashes that are left behind. 

If these last few months (especially this past week) aren’t a sign from some higher power, than the world is just a strange and cruel place. 

I want more than anything to take the hurt away from everyone around me who is so up to their eyeballs in absolute shit. I wish I could, but when you’re trying to gasp in air every so often yourself, it’s so hard to be there 100% of the time for everyone else.

It’s time to step up. It’s time to throw myself in all that I love, and all whom I love. I am not leaving this world without leaving something great behind. It doesn’t have to be a monumental thing, but if it makes one person happy, then I will be content with how I lived my life. It could be my music, it could be a child, it could be anything, but if it brings light and joy to the world, I want to have provided that. 

It is the days and weeks and months like this that define us, and shape us into the people we are meant to become. I have faith, above all else. In what…I’m not sure. But, after all I have seen (though it may not seem like much) I can’t not believe in anything.